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Comprehensive psychological evaluations help to determine the presence of specific learning disabilities, ADHD, processing weaknesses, and other cognitive impairments.  Even when test results do not reflect a formal diagnosis, they can still provide information about academic strengths and weaknesses, learning needs, and educational placement. Evaluations also enable students to be eligible for accommodations and/or specialized instruction in school and on standardized tests. Each evaluation involves close examination of the following areas:

Intellectual functioning
Academic skills (reading, writing, math, and comprehension)
Auditory and visual processing skills
Learning and memory
Executive functioning/organizational skills
Social-emotional functioning

The testing process includes 5 ½ to 6 hours of test administration, a parent conference, and a written report.  The parent conference is a 1 ½ hour meeting during which test results are thoroughly reviewed. First, we discuss how your child performed on each individual test and what their scores indicate.  Then, we talk about the “big picture”of your child’s learning profile, including my behavioral observations and impressions during testing.  Other topics typically discussed are appropriate school placements, classroom accommodations, tutoring referrals, and psychiatrist referrals.  The goal is to help you understand how you can best help your child.  I also am available to discuss my findings with school faculty, tutors, learning specialists, physicians, and psychiatrists.  The written report is sent to parents approximately two to three weeks after the conference.  If the test results indicate a need for therapy to improve a child’s social or emotional functioning, I am happy to continue working with them in that capacity.

In addition to comprehensive evaluations,  I provide re-evaluations and progress updates to determine how your child has changed or improved since their last evaluation. I also offer shorter and more focused assessments if you only want one area examined closely.  If you are interested in one of these options, I am happy to discuss how I may tailor the testing process to meet your specific needs.