Multi-Ethnic Group of Human Hands Holding Question MarksWhat kind of treatment do you use in therapy?

There are several different therapeutic techniques or treatments within the field of psychology. Psychologists generally draw on one or more of them to provide the most effective treatment possible.   I primarily use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, while incorporating aspects of other treatments, such as Family Systems Therapy or Solution Focused Therapy, when it will benefit the client and help us achieve treatment goals.  Read this brief summary on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for more information!

How long does therapy typically last?

The length of therapy depends on clients’ presenting problem(s) and the rate at which they progress in therapy.  It is important to discuss any time-sensitive material at the onset of treatment.  For example, there may be an upcoming situation or event that is causing distress or you may have financial concerns.  It is not always possible to fully treat clients in a limited amount of time; however, I will do my best to work within any constraints. Additionally, I update treatment goals based on clients’ progress and to treat problems as they arise.

What are your fees and do you take insurance?Man and woman holding hands at a table

My fees are competitive for the Atlanta area based on my services and expertise.  While I do not accept payments from insurance companies, reimbursement from your insurance company for assessment and treatment services may be available.  A statement for services rendered will be provided so that you may seek reimbursement independently. I will complete any paperwork necessary to aid you in this process. I recommend contacting your insurance company in advance to understand your coverage benefits. Please call me to discuss the fees for your specific needs.

How do I prepare for the first testing appointment?

Prior to each evaluation, I will send a pre-appointment information packet either by e-mail or mail.  The packet will include the Psychologist-Patient Services Agreement form and forms for both parents and teachers to complete.  You can return the paperwork either before or on the first day of testing.  At the beginning of each testing session, I ensure that each child understands why they are being tested and what they can expect.  

What is your cancellation policy?

Please inform me of your need to cancel as early as possible.  Once an appointment hour is scheduled, you will be expected to pay for it unless you provide notice of cancellation 24 hours in advance.  However, I understand that certain circumstances may arise that are beyond your control.  In those situations, please contact me and we will discuss the situation further.